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Technology, as a generic application to every field of work, has not just become an irresistible force but has also been gaining velocity by elevating the business-performances. The professionals working in an environment lacking technological advances may strongly feel the change, as a professional platform shared with a few technologically-edged professionals makes it a place low at learning and growth. As much it is common in a regular work-schedule to resist to any technological advancement, that much is it unavoidable. Refusing to accept change is as fatal as rushing towards it. Getting attached to the comfortable seats and being familiar with what they had been working make few of the most common reasons for resisting to any technological…show more content…
Securing client loyalty is one of the topmost keys ensuring benefit and profit to the firm. It is crucial for hospitality firm to safeguard its existing customers first. But, challenge with this is the enormous chain of clients which is not easy to be maintained and secured. Technology has the answer to this challenge. Capturing and collecting client information while they make orders and pay would help in maintaining long-term relationships by sending them important notifications related to new schemes, coupons and other benefits they would like to avail for. This opens doors for technology and communication to keep the channels with the customers open. Another revolution to cater to this requirement is Integrated Hospitality Management System that has improved sophistically to enhance the levels of business-integration. This system helps provide more customized experiences by saving the information in the internal databases. This includes choices of beverages, prefered room temperature, and other choices made with regards to the order made during the stay. This could enhance the customer experience by welcoming the guest with their prefered beverage in

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