Action Research Methodology

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Methodology This chapter confirms for the reader the choice of research methodology and methods used in this research. It considers the advantages and disadvantages of various research methods and discusses the validity of Action Research methods. Given the novelty of the approach (Water School) created and described by the researcher, is important to understand the rationale and the methodological basis for what is to follow in subsequent chapters of the thesis in order that the true value of the data, therefore the true value of the Water School approach can be considered as being both valid and reliable. This is an Action Research based enquiry of myself as an educator engaged in learning as I interact with colleagues and pupils during…show more content…
Part of my research has involved a change of focus, and even though discussing the personal and psychological reasons for this change is beyond the questions of the thesis, I consider my motivation an important part of the research background, that has ultimately led to the final choice of methodology. There are many approaches to human motivation: considering Murray’s (1938) inventory of motives, he identified five groups of needs, and I have placed my motivation into the category of exchanging information, in particular those of ‘exposition: educating others’ and ‘cognizance: Seeking knowledge and asking questions’. My interpretation of myself also relates to Jung’s notion of ‘self-actualisation’ which he described as the ‘development of full individuality with all parts of the personality somehow in harmony’ (Hilgard et al, 1971: 331). This refers to the fact, that after being driven by my internal…show more content…
‘Methods can be likened to the way that tools are used in a particular activity’ (Cantrell, 1993). They may involve listening to people, examining documents or watching what people do. I further discuss this in the Action Research process description. Data collection methodology The data collection methodology describes and compares the quantitative and qualitative research in order to justify the adoption of a mainly qualitative approach and the Action Research method for my research study. In the second section an explanation based justification of the methods used for data gathering are discussed. Use of names Throughout the thesis, the correct names of the research place is used, however, the name of the participants are anonomised, as I may not manage to gain permission from all participants and respondents, I have opted for a cautious

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