Personal Narrative: My First Memories Of Reading

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Have you ever wonder why, or why me? Well that is me every time I walk into a English class. It not that I am bad at English or that I wish it was a class that I did not have to take. It's just since the beginning of my life, well at least till I could remember, I have been stamp and labeled on my forehead has a bad reader and writer. Here is some experiences to prove it. My first memory of reading is surprisingly a good one. My kindergarden teacher was fabulous. He was a smaller guy that was as skinny as a rail pole. He had this thick bottle classes and had this long flowing brown hair that went to the middle of his back, but he always had it in a ponytail. To top it all off he had a slight ADAH problem. Funny guy. He made reading fun and had or imaginations running wild all the time. Live was great and then 1st grade came.…show more content…
NOT!!! For some reason this is where it all went downhill. The First experience with first grade was hard. They did a reading and writing test to see what level you were. I went in to it thinking I was going to do just fine, well the opposite happened. I was put in the "special" group. AKA the group that can't spell or write worth beans. So the stamp was place on the forehead. BAD READER! All of a sudden the words got bigger the writing got harder. Now instead of reading being fun it felt more like a chore to me. I knew though that I had to learn to love it or at least like it because reading and writing Is all around
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