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A topic which comes up frequently is technology and how it is becoming more useful by the day. Technology has been introduced into classrooms more and more every year. In Glasgow schools there are Smart Boards and a computer in every classroom, this is the alternative of using a whiteboard/blackboard. Smart Boards allow lessons to be displayed on a large screen as well as pupils to interact with the lesson through quizzes and games which makes lessons more fun. Although many people disagree with the use of technology because there is a concern that technology is taking over the world, which in some cases this could be a helpful thing but on the other hand this could cause a loss of many jobs. This essay will focus closely on reasons for and against introducing iPads and Tablets into the classroom. Introducing technology such as iPads and tablets in classrooms would offer both teachers and pupils’ flexibility, which means that resources can be accessed inside and outside of the classroom. In terms of flexibility, technology could be a positive response to a lot of problems. Such as, pupil and teacher absences, if teachers are absent then they could set tasks from home so that pupils are not missing out and vice versa in the case of pupils being absent. This could also aid parents to keep track…show more content…
Some pupils prefer face to face communication as misunderstandings can be dealt with immediately. This could also challenge people who are often guilty of day dreaming. Autistic people may also struggle with the change of routine and may be difficult to introduce this new technology to autistic pupils or pupils with special needs. However it has been proven that autistic children have been seen to learn more successfully through technology as there are no other distractions and all resources are coming from the one thing. This has been clarified by The National Autistic

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