Teacher Absenteeism In Education

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The problem of teachers’ absenteeism manifests itself differently in primary and secondary schools and tends to pose a greater challenge in government (public) schools when compared to denominational (private) schools in Trinidad and Tobago. The following is my personal account of Teachers absenteeism from the viewpoint of a secondary school teacher in a denominational school in Tobago. The educational value of the teacher has been stressed from the inception of my career. The board of directors for whom I worked tagged teachers as “gatekeepers of education.” Yet, as of 2014, about 8 % of our staff was guilty of teachers’ absenteeism. When compared to the feedback from my colleague working in a government school, the percent…show more content…
Though absenteeism rates are consistently low when compared to other schools in the island, she further stressed that there has been a slight increase in teacher absenteeism in this school year as opposed to the last twelve (12) years in which she had been an administrator. She mentioned a rise in Ministry Of Education approved seminars as one culprit which forces some of the heads of departments (HODs) at our school to be away from the classroom. Since our school is small, students are usually disadvantaged since heads of departments (HODs) are teachers themselves and there are no substitute teachers to replace…show more content…
All efforts should be made by the MOE to quell poor working conditions and the MOE and TSC should immediately address the scourge of “actors” in the education system. (Mashaba E. K and Maile S.) • The Teaching Service Commission should establish effective management practices through the strict application of existing policies and guidelines. The current Education Minister mentioned that the Ministry Of Education and the Teaching Service Commission have already met on this issue. They should hold principals accountable for teachers’ absence. One New York district recorded a 55% drop in teacher absenteeism when principals monitored teacher absenteeism data. • Teachers should be required to contact Principals’ or Vice principals’ directly whenever absent. When teachers return, teachers should be required to submit proof in cases where sick in an effort to discourage the rampant practice. Principals should capture the data and work with the MOE to ensure salary deduction from teachers who abuse leave (Hubbell, 2008; Wemps,

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