Mattel Crisis Communication Strategy

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The previous crisis of Mattel included that the products were tainted with lead paint and that some of the products had loose little magnets. Both of these faulted products could have caused harm to the children. This is why it was decided to recall all these products and take measured to prevent this from happening in the future. Various stakeholders were affected by this crisis, for example parents, children, manufacturers and investors. Which is why Mattel had to come with a strong crisis communication strategy. Within a few days the factory that produced the tained toys was identified and the production was stopped. An investigation was launched to determine the scope of the problem. This ended at the end of July and by the beginning of August Mattel alerted the public and started taking back all the toys. Afterwards, Mattel…show more content…
The strengths of the implemented strategy were the use of several media channels (TV, newspaper and the internet) and the good timing. Mattel responded very accurately. Especially in crises where the organization is to blame, responsibility should be taken immediately. Also the transparancy and sincerity of the message was well communicated to the public. Because being honest and direct when addressing the target audiences about what happened is from utmost importance. Mattel communicated the new safety regulations, the reassurence that measures had been taken to prevent this from happening in the future and a public apology from the CEO clearly. The video of the CEO was another strength of the crisis communication strategy. Because with a video you can reach a very large audience and the public can see if you are sincere. A video news release increases the chance that TV news media will air information about the recall because it adequately provides information about the recall to TV news producers in the form that they need and will be able to use

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