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Introduction Truancy is any unauthorized and intentional or illegal absence from mandatory education. Students being absent from primary schools or instituitions providing compulsory education at their free will without any reference to legitimate reasons for absence like medical conditions is the phenomenon of truancy. Students who attend school but not classes are also subject to be charged with truancy. It is prevalent in both UAE and UK, though explicitly defined in policies and procedural handbooks of almost every school across the countries. Truancy regulations in United Kingdom In Wales and England, truancy is deemed as a criminal offence for guardians. UK laws allow a police officer of the rank of a superintendent or higher to direct…show more content…
It serves as a warning to guardians knowingly allowing their children to commit truancy and if the act follows, a fine ranging from £50 is imposed on them. UK laws deem it to be a responsibility of parents, teachers and an entire society to prevent children from adhering to illegal absenteeism from schools. Truancy regulations in United Arab Emirates The UAE government has grown stricter with truancy cases of truancy across the country. One such strict determination of the government to combat truancy was noticeable the following year. The education ministry of UAE emphasized that students needed to be present at school on the two days after the National Day Holiday. Schools were authorized to penalized students committing truancy. The National Day holiday fell on Sep. 23 (Tuesday) this year and preceded by two days the Eid Al-Adha holiday. Several guardians and students have had a knack of ignoring the two days preceding the Eid Al-Adha holiday in order to experience an extended vacation. The Wadeema's Law, a legal child protection initiative undertaken by the UAE government include measures to combat truancy in several

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