Romantic Movement In Sartor Resartus

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The 19th century in Western literature is one of the most significant and interesting periods of all. Many of the modern literary tendencies have derived from this formative era.Nineteenth-century literature is characterized by the Romantic movement and by the strong nationalism which was formed by French Revolution and American revolution in 18th century.Romantic movement developed as a rection to scientific and rational attitude of 18C..It was a shift from age of decorum,reason and order to Romantic age of sentiments,feelings,love for nature and emotionsIt was the time when England was tranforming from an agricultural to one focused on manufacture,trade and industries.The late 19th century is referred as Victorian period starting from 1830…show more content…
The accounf fo Teufelsrockh is true to his own spiritual rebirth.He uses the symbol of clothes of the real world which at once coceals,but also reveals and expresess the ideal world(the body) beneath.The idea of the " philosophy of clothes "Man is essentially a spiritual being and the spirtual can be attainted throug hthe material.Therefore a man;s funtion is to make the material world more transparent so that the spiritual can be discerned through it.In The French Revolution, Carlyle sympathised with the revolutionaries to some extent but despised anarchy and appeared to fear the rule of the people. In On Heroes and Hero-Worship, Carlyle presented the view that the vast majority of people are unsuited to rule and instead need heroes to provide solid leadership. Similarly, in Past and Present, Carlyle questioned democracy and analyzed the problems of workers in England. Some have suggested that in this work Carlyle foresaw the growth and development of the Labor Party in

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