The Importance Of Music Education

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“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly MUSIC, for in the patterns of music and all of the arts are the keys to learning.” –Plato Since I was a little kid, I have been drawn to music. I would sit quietly at church during service and listen to the worship team. Oh, how I dreamed of being one there in their place! I fell in love with the piano and I would sit close as possible to the pianist because I wanted to learn how to play like him. As any child’s curiosity, my instinct was to go and play, but I was not to get near it, as only, “adults are authorized to play the piano” and when I grew up, I might be able to play it. Therefore, I wanted to grow up as fast as I could, believing that I was too young to…show more content…
It is at this stage between 0 months to 11 years old, when their brain begins to develop, grow, and absorb more information. [1] According to Petress’ article, The Importance in Music Education, ‘success in society, success in school, success in developing intelligence, and success in life’ are achievable and beneficial to any children that has access to music education. [2] In my opinion although I started learning at the age of 15, it was through discipline and daily practice that I able to somehow learn the basics of playing piano. It was during my senior year in High School that I took my first official Music class. The values and lessons that I learned was life changing, for example, I learned how overcome my fear of stage fright, and although I still get nervous, at the end it is worth it when you hear the…show more content…
The answer is lack of information. As stated in the same article “Deciding what is taught in American schools is the province of teachers, principals, local school boards, state education agencies, regional accrediting bodies, and. in the case of colleges and universities, department, college, and institutional curriculum committees.” [2] Another article reinforces this opinion by stating that music programs in schools should help students with “the flourishing of new musical styles and genres, the connections between identity and music, the music-related practices, and different modes of transmission of music teaching and learning that are inherent in informal contexts.” [3] Yet, not many parents are informed that “a little goes a long way.” Nevertheless, what are these so-called

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