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Have you ever read a book that made you cry multiple times, almost yell in frustration, and feel incredibly happy in the span of 1 hour? Well if you ever wanted to, i have exactly what you are looking for. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a novel centering around the life of Liesel Meminger, a german girl living with her new foster parents in 1939 Nazi Germany, from when she is 9 years old to 15. Already sounds incredibly depressing but i promise it will get worse, then better, then very good, then very bad, and i guess you understand what i mean. Now this might turn you off from the book because of the insane amount of emotional baggage it contains but i promise you, the unquestionably witty narration, suspenseful storyline, as well as beautiful characters will make all the suffering worth it. Death’s narration…show more content…
In novels that are told from a narrator's perspective it is imperative that the narrator is likeable or at least interesting because in a way, the narrator is the character you spend the most time with throughout the story. T. The narration in The Book thief is given by Death, which is a really interesting choice and fits well given the time period, which is during world war two, where death is very busy going around picking up the souls of the dead. You would imagine death to be this menacing figure but he is just a lonely guy. He sheds light to the sad situations but it never feels forced, and most importantly his narration never interferes with the flow of the narrative. And since he is an omnipotent source, he uses his knowledge to add little facts and breaks the fourth wall to give further information surrounding the environment and characters to make the story clearer and more enjoyable. One of the many examples of his narration being witty and lightens the mood is when he is visiting a graveyard and sees the family of the deceased give their

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