Case Study: Radhwa International School Yanbu

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About RISY: Radhwa International school Yanbu is a private international school that opened its doors in the academic year 2012/2013 and is fully approved and accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education with license no. 4321940003. RISY is also accredited by AdvancED, the world's largest educational community, serving more than 30.000 public and private schools and districts across the united stated and in more than 70 countries that educate over 16 million students. In the high school, Radhwa International School offers an advanced preparatory education based on the American syllabus (the McGraw Hill) which includes English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Art, Physical Education, Elective courses, and Community services…show more content…
School Tardiness Policy and consequences: First tardy: Verbal warning Second tardy: Meeting with principal Third tardy: After school detention with teacher to make up missed work. Subsequent tardies will result in discipline at the discretion of the principal. General Behavior Guidelines Assembly Behavior Assembly begins at 7:30 a.m. All students are expected to attend assemblies. Students are also expected to be considerate of guest presenters and others attending the assembly by behaving in an appropriate, respectful, quiet, and attentive manner. Eating or drinking or chewing gum is NOT ALLOWED. Feet should remain on the floor and they are supposed to stand at ease. Respectful and considerate behavior is always required. DISMISSAL TIME RULES 1. Students are not allowed to stay in the classes after 1:15 p.m. 2. Students should wait at their respective bus stop in an orderly fashion and board the bus in a disciplined manner. 3. Students should not play in hallways during dismissal time. 4. Students with private transport should follow instructions from teacher on duty. 5. Students are not allowed to leave school premises without Principal permission and adult supervision CLASSROOM

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