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In the previous years a lot researches had conducted their study based on the topic of students’ school attendance at the higher level of institutions. As Lai & Chan (2000) stated ‘’ class meeting is a primary means of delivering educational service’’ ,the higher level of institution train their students to be more independent and will be treated as adults that can make rational decisions for themselves and time consistent. Students have the freedom to choose whether they attend classes, turn in homework or even show up for the final exam just as their choice of willing to attend an institution of higher learning. From an economic perspective, the issue becomes one of time allocation, as student choice between competing academic and non academic…show more content…
With the freedom that students have Devadoss & Foltz argued that‘’ several factors may influence attendance and grades are motivation, prior point average, self-financing by students, hours worked on jobs, quality of teacher and the nature of class lectures’’(1996). Voluntary attendance is the result from intrinsic motivation where it comes from the inner self and being academically motivated, students will naturally strive to perform well in their studies that would eventually lead to academic achievement. The following Devadoss & Foltz (1996) argued that when classes are in small sizes and it provide opportunity for more frequent student-teacher interaction they may feel their absence to be noticeable therefore they attend classes on a regular basis. In contrast to this finding the authors surveyed senior students who take the senior-level courses to be having higher grades, but when classes are in large size the grades are lower even thought the attendance are better than small-and medium size classes. Motivation was found to have strong impact on student as they attend class frequently and students who have done better in previous classes with their prior GPA are also the ones who frequently attend to classes. Further results has shown students who are self financially supported through work and/ or loans have regular attendance in their education, because for those they know the importance of education, the…show more content…
In continuation to this Hedge & Nowell (1995) further argued that ‘’ men not only outperform women in spatial abilities, but also on test of stereotypically male vocational information and aptitude’’. For an example Gneezy et al. (2003) studied the performance in gender difference through an experiment where the females and males were required to solve maze tournament. The experiment was carried out as a single or mixed-sex tournament. It was found that when females and males compete against each other in a competitive or non competitive environment they tend to outperform the females as the females were not confidence and in lack of motivation to outperform men. In single-sex tournaments females tend to perform better, whereas the males’ performance was no different in single-sex or mixed-sex tournament. Furthermore a research was carried out in America where ‘’on both verbal and quantitative sections of scholastic achievement test (SAT) young men teds to outperform young women’’ (Kirk 2000). In the study of Rowe( 1988) there were no difference in gender achievement in math class, but girls were reported have increased their level of confidence in learning and using

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