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Capabilities Business capabilities are the combination of the resources to identify the risks and problem in order to solve and improve efficiency and effectiveness of the production. In general, capability able to obtain the output by insert the input, which are those competitive advantages of the industry, with a minimum costs. It was important that the interaction of tangible and intangible resources to build up an opportunity or solution for the problem hided in the industry. However, capabilities can be tangible, like business process, generally we know it as intangible and tacit. Capabilities based on the development, carrying and information or knowledge exchange through the human capital. Due to the changing in market conditions and…show more content…
However, with a good cash flow, The Company is able to launches new product to the markets, therefore they can always improve their product or diversify their product in order to expand their target customer to be more competitive in the market. Other than that, due to The Company is a subsidiary of Royal FrieslandCampina NV, a Nertherlands’s dairy manufacturer, so the image or reputation for The Company is more easily to get attract to the investor if they want to increase their fund on capital. Last but not least, The Company’s brand are net worth of RM180 million, with this they can be survive or expand and diversify their product so that they can be more competitive in the…show more content…
Inbound logistics The company has to purchase the ingredient, such as milk and the favor, then storing them into the storage. ii. Operation The Company’s operation is to make the raw milk into condense milk or other product such as yogurt and packed them into packaging. iii. Outbound logistic Outbound logistic are main in sending or delivery the packaging milk or other product to the warehouse or shopping mall. iv. Marketing and sales The Company hired a lot of part time to make the marketing at all the supermarket. Normally they will provide testing for the new product or promotion for the milk. Other than that, they will make advertisement regular by using the media such as internet or TV. v. Service The Service for The Company is that the customer can test for the new product before them choosing the product. In the supermarket, they is always a salesman pouring the new product with different favor, by this, customer can try before they decide on what they want. The four supportive activities are as below: i. Procurement During purchasing of the raw material, the person in charge have to arrange for the delivery time and date to confirm that the raw material are enough and received in good

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