Obsidian Petroleum Case Study

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Introduction This is a report on the findings of the analytic research on the problem of slow growth of Obsidian petroleum Company. It shows the investigations that were made about the slow growth of the company and the methods that were proposed to handle the problem. The proposed courses of action include Swot-Analysis and quality management and rewarding. These alternatives were evaluated under many criteria; effectiveness, creating awareness, desirability, credibility and responsiveness. Problem statement Obsidian Company has strategized itself as an intermediary between the producers of oil & gas products and the buyers. It is also involved in other services such as providing expert advice on the value of these products as well as…show more content…
This will help to adopt procedures that are not only effective but also efficient. Creating awareness This is another criterion to evaluate the above mentioned options to solve the above stated problem. This criterion will ensure that the company gains positive publicity of its products within its environment. Desirability This is a criterion in which the company ensures that its services are lucrative to the customers and that the working conditions are motivating to the employees. It can be done by ensuring that the employees have attractive compensation plans. Credibility In this criterion the company will demonstrate ethical and honesty operations. This will ensure that the alternatives applied conform to the state and global regulations. Responsiveness This criterion confirms that the alternatives that are applied are relevant to the employee and customer needs. Research methods Cluster Random…show more content…
Quality management and rewarding (TQM) Available literature showed that TQM plays an indirect influence in creation of awareness about a company’s product. A study to determine the relationship existing between TQM and organizational performance found that there exist a strong relationship between some, but not all, categories of TQM and the performance of the organization (Samson, 1999, pp. 393-409). Desirability Swot analysis Employees in fast growing companies were interviewed and about 99% of the sample admitted that Swot was the best way to searching of desirable solutions. The downfall of any business is the worst experience any entrepreneur dreads to face, nonetheless, this downfall can be even worse if the triggering factors are internal. Swot analysis will ensure that such threats are identified before they inflict their negative effects on the organizational

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