The Importance Of Ownership

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Possessions and items, while may have sentimental value, are not truly what a person is and what their value is. Items can portray what kind of person someone is, but that is only the outside of a person and not necessarily their views. Throughout the centuries and earth’s existence, people have had theories about what kind of role objects should play in a human’s life. Many people think that what others have defines them and to a certain extent that is true, however, that is merely the image they give off and not actually who they are. Perception of a person and someone’s things only goes so far, to actually know someone, one has to get to know another person and even then who someone is may not be truly revealed. Not only does ownership mean objects, but also thoughts, opinions, and feelings because that is what people have control over and what they can form themselves.…show more content…
The only true ownership is of thoughts. Philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre voice the theory that ownership goes beyond material possessions. People own their knowledge and emotions, they cannot be stolen or judged from the outside. C. Ownership extends further than just physical possessions and objects, ownership of things should not define someone. It can be shown that people should not be based on what they own, that there can be other opinions such as the connection of possessions and sentiment, and with all that being said material items that are possessed could never substitute what people actually feel and their
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