Swot Analysis Of Durex Company

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Target and Profile Of The Prospects Everyone must known about Durex Company what is about product. Durex is the once of the condom manufacturing industry, main of the product is condom and other sexual health care. So now Durex company can be a globalization business as well, around the world are know about durex condom brand and most of the famous condom’s brand are using by customer. Target of Durex However, durex product or condoms are using by adult people like husband and wife or the couples active in sexual, so durex company target market is for the males aged 16-24 years old or the secondary target which is sexual active person but must adult person. However, durex’s target market can be narrow down to the couples who active in sexual,…show more content…
Second, Durex Company is to develop and suppory harness sexual health to propaganda a safe sex message, safety sexual and enjoyable also is the main of the target for the durex company. Now around the world are getting many type of there is no cure for the disease like AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea and other because they are sexual without using condom or carry on with unsafety sexual. So target of Durex Company is provide safety and enjoyable sexual for a customer, make sure customer or couples can enjoying sexual with safe and take care own health. In addition to, Durex company also will organization and promotion activities like condom days, world AIDS day about knowledge of AIDS or prevention of sexually transmitted diseases to increase their knowledge and decrease AIDS, this is a good activities for everyone. Provide new development safety issues also is a once of the target for them, to decrease problem of the product of condoms and become better product for…show more content…
In contrast, is it difficult to durex even Durex company have 30% share in China’s market but it is too small, as only 1 in 10 Chinese sexually active using or buy condom and it is just small market in China. So that Durex want to growth up China market even in advertising, salesperson or internet to push up their condoms business in China, to lead the China become a bigger market of durex’s

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