Social Control In The Middle Ages

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It is evident from what has been said so far that social control through ages has not been exercised through one and the same methods. Their relative efficiency varies with changes in the social organization and life-value of the group. In primitive societies generally informal means like convention, usage, custom and tradition were employed for controlling individuals and groups. If we want to go back thru ages and centuries like in middle ages and talk about social control first thing comes in our minds is church and how church took place in controlling the society and throw fear in people's mind by saying that everything the human do or think about out of the church rules and religion will go to hell and how he will get torture by god. Why? why…show more content…
why they want to control due to one reason controlling and which religion can collect more followers and be more powerful. But nowadays the way of controlling is totally different it's not about religion directly because in fact people do not much believe in supernatural forces today. Or if we want to call it modern social control it's more suitable and modern, yes people do not believe much in super force and that god if we don't follow his rules we are gonna go to hell. Now the image of social control changed and who took place the leadership, Leadership has become a great controlling force in modern times. The leader controls the mob mentality in times. If we want to divide the society into three types: first type the government second the religion and the third the leaders in the society. Talking about the first type or government that we name it in the beginning lets think a little bit and why government want to control their society due to many reasons one and the most important reason is the vested interests that every government or country have it's own interests that's it impose their own rules to let the society

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