Miller Coors Brewing Company Swot Analysis

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Introduction Miller Coors Brewing Company is a joint venture between SABMillers Brewing Company and Molson Coors Brewing Company that occurred in 2007. The two companies were founded by strong visionary businessmen: Frederick J. Miller and Adolph Coors. The most interesting thing is the ability of their respective families to carry on their legacies, many years after their departure. The companies were started in the mid 19th Century: Miller Brewing Company was started in 1855 in Milwaukee while Coors Brewing Company began its operations in 1873 in Colorado. In this regard, the two companies share a combined experience in this industry that averages 300 years since their inception (, 2015). Discussion S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths…show more content…
This is enshrined in the entire production process from the use of pure water and highest-quality hops and malted barley. Furthermore, the brewmasters have a commitment to ensure that there are quality and consistency in all the beers (Heimonen & Uusitalo, 2009). Easy Access from foot traffic is another strength that the company prides itself in. It has several plants that are well spread across the country in Albany, Chicago, Chippewa Falls, Eden, Elkton, Fort Worth, Golden, Irwindale, Milwaukee, and Trenton (Johnson, 2009). Health food is promoted by the company as the TTB regulates all the products. Similarly, all the products meet the minimum set regulatory requirements by the Federal and State agencies. In this regard, the company has the commitment to prioritize care in the production system, as well as, bring out great-tasting beers (Heimonen & Uusitalo, 2009).…show more content…
Similarly, innovation through new product launches allows the company to diversify its product portfolio as it looks to tap into new markets and idle niches. This is important as the company remains relevant in the turbulent market with volatile changes in tastes, fashions, and preferences of the consumers. Furthermore, an increase in global beer consumption presents the company with an opportunity to venture into untested waters. This results in an increase in sales on the part of the company as more consumers are willing to spend on the beers (Johnson,

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