The Reflection Of Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Education

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What is the purpose of education? Education is the most essential thing in life, where it’s not only transmitting the knowledge but to transfer it from a curriculum taught in schools to real life lessons. To be an educated individual you must open your mind and understand the reason of existence and think out of the box, and according to Locke’s philosophy wisdom is essential, where the child must have the passion and given the motivation toward his goal. However to have a successful classroom, you must set a philosophy to work on, that is suitable for you and your student. The philosophy must clarify how the class will be arranged, must show the technic of teaching, how the assessments are going to be, what are the principles going to be followed, and which known philosophies you agree with. Therefore, having a philosophy shows that you have a goal to achieve, and my philosophy’s goals is to let the students come out of their class satisfied, and capable to identify what they have learnt, how they learnt it, and why they learnt it.…show more content…
Epistemology where it’s about the knowledge the students are going to learn, Axiology where values are given importance, and Logic where reasons are clarified to the students. According to these elements, students will be able to differentiate among them, and here where they will know how to use them in their everyday life. However, since this philosophy is applied on primary school students, first of all on the classroom management, where the class will be arranged in a way where the students will be sitting in pairs. Since the class includes a variety of learning abilities, hence each smart kid or a fast learner will sit next to a slow learner, which will allow the slow learners to improve in their studies, in addition more attention will be given to them

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