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Summary: It is that time of the year again when everything is sweaty and hot. To add on is hair that goes sticky every time you move out of the house. Dealing with summers can be a tough thing when it comes to hair. Often we find tangled and messy hair during summers. Main reason for the same is moisture and dirt and dust in the environment that settles in our hair leaving it brutal and damaged. You try all kinds of hair treatment draining all your money but are still left with those fizzy and unmanaged hair. Well, Just like every problem has a solution we are narrating here 8 best ideas for effective summer haircuts hair cuts that you can carry. This will give you a special look for every occasion leaving you with a breath of freshness…show more content…
With very minimum help this look can give you a perfect look for a romantic evening. With just one bun maker, few bobby pins and a matching hair band you are all set to style yourself. Begin by flipping your hair upside down, take three small sections of the hair along the nape of your neck and begin to Dutch braid, put a hair band to secure. Leaving a strand of hair (ponytail) just slide a bun maker over the larger section of the ponytail. Spread your hair evenly on the bun maker. Lastly, Split the hair into two sections (the leftover bottom strand) take one section to the top and braid it. Easy…told…show more content…
HIGH PONYTAIL This haircut is my personal favourite. Beats the heat and does proper justice to all the hair. Take all the hair in your hand put a matching hair band or a loop to tie them nicely. Ta da…it’s done. You can compliment it with few strands of hair falling on your face to give you a smart look. 6. LOW PONYTAIL For all those thinking, high ponytails don’t suit me. Try out this low pony tail. Again nothing much needs to be done but with few smarter tips like floral headband or stylish back pin you can add wonders to this simple hair cut. Outline your face with few frames of hair. 7. MESSY SIDE FISHTAIL BRAID Well messy is the new clean up nowadays. Don’t get me wrong if you see a messed up hair cut at a party or at a casual meeting. Teenagers don’t shy away from trying this messy look. The most perfect hair cut for a messy hair do is fish tail braid. A normal braid that looks like a fish resting easily on one of your shoulders will, do wonders. 8. SLEEK TOP KNOT A highly recommended hair cut for professionals. Can be mastered easily and can leave a long lasting impression as well. A good hair conditioner does the magic by giving volume to this hairstyle. Summer is inevitable but so are these amazing hair cuts to beat the

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