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Your gray hair is actually a message As a hard-core procrastinator never thought that my very first gray hair at the age of 27 would slap me in the face to wake me up. It was yelling at me (without even owning a mouth), "Hey! What are you doing?! Don’t you see how short life is? Stop wasting your precious time and do something great out of your life!" This wake-up call opened my eyes… otherwise I’d still be chilling’ and postponing my projects for another few years. It was easy back then, when everything felt endless. Now, try to keep the same attitude with gray hair… to me impossible! In this article, I want to explain how one simple gray hair changed my perception of the value of my life. This is the first time I'm blogging, if that…show more content…
In fact, I wasn't sad about it, I found it cute. Yes, cute! I want to mention that I've been a girl who was dying her hair constantly, and when I say constantly, I mean it so! I liked trying all the different looks, I was addicted to the feeling of fresh new look. To keep the kicks I dyed my hair from blond to black to red to blond to marshmallow pink to purple to blond to green etc. etc. Parallel to that I also got all kinds of haircuts you can imagine. Note: I was the first "Miley Cyrus" (her short side-cut blond hair), the first Kristen Steward (her new lesbian look with blond crew cut), but weirdly that all of us have dyed their hair blond, when they are short. I think with short hair you look too masculine and blond makes you look softer or more feminine. Lately I changed a little, I learned to appreciate the extreme natural look: Simple clothing, natural hair color (no dye), no makeup, even no combing my hair! Firstly, I missed the "true me", my innocent look. Secondly, I felt that I would get my first gray hair these days. I knew it somehow. Maybe because I knew, my dad and aunt, his sister, got their first gray hair in their 20's, my aunt got it with

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