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I think the characterization in my book is high quality because almost all the characters are fully developed and possess many character traits. I think the high quality characterization in this book is from the author’s use of all four characterization techniques: reactions and opinions of other characters, character’s speech or feelings, character’s inner thoughts and feelings, and author’s description. Reactions and opinions of other characters is used to help create and develop the main character, Cammie because even though her best friend, Bex, is angry at her for part of the book, she is still terrified of Cammie being killed and losing her. At the beginning of the book when Cammie has just returned with amnesia from being missing for…show more content…
Later, when Cammie finds out that Bex spent her whole summer searching for her, Cammie thinks Bex, “looked like a girl who had been terrified of losing her best friend” (91). This characterization technique helps to develop Cammie because it shows how important she is to her friends and how far they would go to keep her alive. Character’s speech or feelings help to create Cammie as a character because they show how, although brave, stubborn she is. When Cammie makes a very important discovery and needs to go to Ireland to try to find to it, she writes of list of stuff to do, including: “1) Convince your mom, your aunt, and you recently comatose teacher that letting you go is a good idea. 2) When number one fails, convince them that leaving you behind by yourself is a BAD idea” (247). In this case, Cammie would really like to go on the trip, so she keeps trying to convince her mom, aunt and CoveOps teacher that they should let her go. When Cammie returns from being missing, she wants her memory back, but her mom doesn’t want her to push it because she thinks she was most likely captured and tortured. “But-” I [Cammie] started, just as Mom reached for my shoulders held me tight… “But I need to know”

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