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The Insignificance of School Uniforms Imagine a person is walking down a school hallway with the same bottom and same top as the other students in the school have to, but that person is being called degrading names. The argument of having uniforms or not has been going on for a long time, but no one has truly gone anywhere with their issues against uniforms. People are being punished, harassed, and fined for not wearing a uniform they don’t even like. A school uniform does not stop how children treat each other: harassing and or physically hurting them. The downsides to school uniforms in public and private schools are harassed, the disregarding of freedom of speech, and economic hardship. Texas Southern University did a study that found…show more content…
With schools having school uniforms, children are not getting the full effect of what amendments they have. The amendments were put together for the U.S citizens because the people wanted their freedom and rights, with schools taking away that right, they are making the first amendment useless to the U.S citizen students in the case of school uniforms. For an example a seventeen-year-old boy, Richards, was suspended for refusing to cut his hair; his hair was described as “falling loosely about the shoulders”. The school, Thurston, admits that there is no written word about hair having to be a certain length, but also brings forth that “unusually long hair” was not permitted (Richards). That proves that the school tried to rid that student of their first amendment by saying that long hair was not allowed, but also the school had not written the rule in their handbook, not allowing long hair. At the end of the trial between Richards and Thurston, the judge puts the burden on Thurston because he gave no justification for the rule against long hair (Richards). “Students at Friendly High School in Prince George's County, MD, were not allowed to wear pink shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, 75 students received in-school suspensions for breaking the school's uniform restrictions”(“School…”). Not to mention more and more schools

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