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11 ways to lose weight without dieting! Here is the diet for those who want to get rid of excess weight, but ... they do not like diets. See how much you can lose weight! 1. The slower - more effectively Do not use a radical diet. Just start eating 5 small meals a day. For small portions of the body reacts to slowing metabolism. Remember, however, that when you go back to the previous diet, bigger portions are turned into body fat instead of energy. Hence the yo-yo effect. 2. Losing weight without dieting: Water is your friend In approx. 70% consists of water. Gray, dull, tense, oversensitive skin, prone to the formation of wrinkles and aging, proves its deficiency. Water flushes toxins from the body and deposits, preventing the conversion of the fatty tissue and cellulite. It keeps the skin in good shape. Glass drunk before meals reduces appetite and makes you eat less. Best to provide the body with 2.5 liters per…show more content…
On cold or hot? Every day on a diet without dieting, eat only one hot meal. Serving cold meat will provide you with fewer calories than the same straight from the pan. Sleep in a cooler room (18-19 ° C) - This will force your body to energy expenditure to maintain proper body temperature. It even sleep with the window ajar, thoroughly covering. Then, without any effort on your part, losing weight in a dream. 4. Do not check your weight every day If you have started dieting (even without dieting), do not go every day to the weight, just do it once a week. Then you can see the real effects of the diet. Each body reacts individually, some lose weight immediately, others after a few days. Save yourself so upset, the results too often weighing up may discourage you. 5. Rearrange food Do you want to find out why the French do not get fat? They are slim, since the start of dinner salads. Contained in vegetable fiber swells in the stomach, giving a feeling of satiety. As a result, they eat much less! 6. Losing weight without dieting: licorice on

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