Cyber Bullying: The Social Problem Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying Screens are all you see now; books are on screens, documentations are on screens, communication methods are on screens. The world is turning into a glass bubble for a lot of technology users. This glass bubble is negatively affecting humans, the online sources have become a mini control room for teens and adults. It is becoming an everyday strategy of communication and insulting individuals. Cyberbullying is indeed a problem because of the development of technology. Technology is growing fast so as cyberbullying, it is becoming the hardest issue to resolve in today’s society. This topic never appeared on my mind, and I never thought it would turn into a huge thing for me overnight. It all changed throughout my freshmen year,…show more content…
It takes place via social media and mobile tools since technology has increased rapidly into society over decades. This case will continue to appear as long as college students will keep providing their personal information on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat(Luker). Cyberbullying has become a well-known affair worldwide. For instance, 40% of Americans were victims of cyberbullying, one third among Belgium were stated as past cyberbullying victims and one-fifth of the students reported themselves being a part of the cyberbullying behavior.…show more content…
Mental health is a very broad term that is usually used to describe emotions, thinking, and behavior. According to the study, “Cyberbullying Victimization and Adolescent Mental Health: Evidence of Differential Effects by Sex and Mental Health Problem,” being bullied at an early stage of life has a negative impact on mental health. The study examines cyberbullying in terms of the sex motive, defined as a sexual harassment that occurs to victims, and if it is viable to be listed as one. Furthermore, the study outlines the direct relationship between cyberbullying and mental health issues. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger caused by cyberbullying lead victims to some behavioral problems such as aggression, substance use, and risky sexual

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