Advantages And Disadvantages Of Black Box Testing

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8. Software Testing:- It is the major quality control which is used during software development life cycle. The basic function of software testing is to identify errors in the software. During the requirement analysis and the software design phase, the output of a document is usually textual and non-executable. Once the design phase completed successfully then coding phase start, the computer programs are available that can be achieved for testing purposes. It is implies that testing means not only to uncover errors introduced during coding, but also the errors introduced during the previous phases. Thus, the main goal of software testing is to find requirement, design, and coding errors in the programs. To perform testing consequently, different…show more content…
Black-Box Testing Black box testing is a technique of testing without having any knowledge of the interior workings of the application. The tester is insensible to the system architecture and does not have any access to the source code. Usually, while performing a black-box test, a tester will interact with the system's UI by providing inputs and examining outputs without knowing how and where the inputs are worked upon. There are some advantages and disadvantages of black-box testing which are as follows. Advantages:- • It is well suited and efficient for large code segments. • The code access is not required. • Clearly separates user's observation from the developer's observation through visibly defined roles. • There are large numbers of moderately skilled testers can test the application with no knowledge of implementation, programming language, or operating systems. Disadvantages:- • There is limited coverage, since only a selected number of test scenarios are actually performed. • It is an Inefficient testing, due to the fact that the tester only has limited knowledge about an application. • It has blind coverage, since the tester cannot target specific code segments or error-prone areas. • Test cases are difficult to

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