Social Work With Communication Assignment

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SOCIAL WORK WITH COMMUNITY ASSIGNMENT NAME: IRTIQUA ALI ID NO: SOCW 10587 CASE STUDY: “FGHI is a newly resettled urban colony in a big city in India. Most of the inhabitants were engaged in various informal economic sectors in their prior area of habitation. As they were made to resettle in a distant place located at the periphery of the city, many people got disengaged from their previous occupations. They are still searching for suitable employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. The new place not only lacks such avenues for meaningful employment, it also lacks most civic amenities” Components of the case: 1. Urban colony & big city. 2. Occupation: informal economic sector. 3. Resettlement in periphery of the city. 4. Lack of civic amenities.…show more content…
In this approach, various arrangements in society to cater to basic needs, such as education, health, housing, employment, women's empowerment and environmental protection are considered as independent systems which also have sub-systems. The ultimate rationale for their existence is both social pro-duct ion and social consumption. The basic assumption in this model is that systems can become dysfunctional due to a variety of factors, such as population growth. This is termed as a "system-change" approach to community work. Some of the specific tasks identified with this model are: Collecting relevant facts about the specific deficiencies in the system, e.g. urban bias, disparity in access to services, lack of trained functionaries, inadequate delivery structure, and lack of funding, leading to inadequacy of material, equipment and space, sharing the findings with the…show more content…
(Thomas, 1983:109) The social/community planning model is believed to be the most common of community work models (Twelve trees, 1991-98).The social/community planning model is believed to be the most common of community work models (Twelve trees,

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