The Importance Of Cell Phones On Students

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Ninety percent of Adult Americans own cell phones and over eighty percent of teenagers use cell phones (Pew Research Centre, 2012). Cell phones are therefore increasingly becoming more and more popular as time rolls on. Cell phones are especially a fad amongst teenagers and school students. Over eighty percent of American teenagers use cell-phones (Cyber Bullying Statistics, 2010). There are numerous reasons for keeping a phone on students during classes including, emergencies, bringing assignments, for parents to feel more comfortable, educational apps, recording notes and lectures, organization, better communication, more private communication and efficiency. In case of an emergency outside of school, there must be some way of contacting students. Many times there may be an emergency at home or elsewhere. Having a cell phone on the student allows for others to contact them while they are at school and allow them to know what is going on outside of school. If the parent or guardian is not able to receive the student when school is over they would be able to let the student know what they would have to do. If the student happens to forget an important assignment at home they could easily call someone who could drop it-off at school for them, hence being saved from the wrath of the teacher. Having a cell phone on children can prove to be a very…show more content…
Cell phones contain many programmes that can assist the student in being more organized. The iphone can download the organizer application to help remember due dates for assignments, reminders for important information and there are many other reasons for using this feature in the classroom (Apple, 2014). Students can record their homework and their due dates so that they can be more prepared and would be reminded of when they have to hand up assignments so that they can make better planning

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