Integrated Marketing Communication Case Study

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Week 1: An introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications and its role in the Marketing Process Learning about the topics Thanks to the lecture, the associated chapters in the textbook and the recommended articles I learned that different media trends are emerging that reflect changes in consumer motivations and behaviour. They are the ‘continued fragmentation of media’, the ‘age of personalisation’, ‘emotion as the new currency’, the ‘acceleration of interaction’ and the ‘instant and all-pervasive power of consumer influence’ (Chan, 2012). Those trends come from the use of multiple screen, the consumer’s wish to feel ‘special’ and valued, the increase of emotional involvement with advertising, the increasing smartphone ownership and…show more content…
2007). I also learned the different uses of marketing (for-profit and non-profit) and a definition of Integrated Marketing Communication as ‘an audience-driven business process of strategically managing stakeholders, content, channels, and results of brand communication programs’ (Kliatchko, 2008) and that IMC strives to reach an 'optimal communication mix to achieve the greatest organisational returns' and the 'understanding (of) consumer IMC consumption' (Schultz, Macdonald and Baines, 2012). Moreover, I learned from Naik and Raman (2003) with IMC the use of media generates more than the sum of their individual impact. I gained a deeper understanding of advertising through definitions, classifications and its different components and types. Belch and Belch 2011’s IMC planning model also offered different frameworks useful in…show more content…
What aspects of the lecture can you relate to your own experience? What aspects of the lecture conflict with your own experience? First, the importance of choosing the right celebrity mentioned in Pringle’s 2012 article and in the textbook seems especially relevant to me. The example of sportsmen scandals and how it impacted brands shows the potential drawbacks a brand may experience due to celebrities’ misbehaviours. Second, the influence of semiotics on consumers perception illustrates how I, or any other consumer with the same demographic and psychographic characteristics may interpret a brand image. Finally, the concept of low/high involvement and rational/emotional message describes the reason why I would never think about what brand of lighter I would choose and why I spend more time thinking about which computer to buy. What did you learn from the assignments and how did you research and plan this assignment? Our group set a Facebook group and a google drive folder in order to work on each assignments and presentations. For ‘The Gathering’ case study two people worked on the SWOT and four people worked on the questions. We then posted our written and powerpoints parts on the Facebook group and two people created the final

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