Team Dynamics In Negotiation

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Assignment 1: Team Dynamics/Negotiations Using information from the six topics presented in class (Team Dynamics, Meeting Management, Conflict Management, Intercultural Communication, Negotiation, and Virtual Communication), specifically describe how the information has given you strategies to improve your professional communication. From this course, I had earned many useful techniques for improving my professional communication. Each topic that was presented in the class help me points my weakness in communication and working as a team and also gives a solution. The 6 topics include Meeting Management, Intercultural Communication, Negotiation, Conflict Management, Virtual Communication and Team Dynamics. Meeting Management: From this presentation,…show more content…
I can use this strategy in a team working to avoid conflict and select the solution discussion. Conflict Management: This strategy is useful for the meeting because it helps us reduce the stress environment on our team. I learned how to avoid conflict and how to handle if it happens in the team. Virtual Communication: Before this class, I use LINE, google drive and Skype to collaborate with my friend for doing homework. This class provides another virtual communication tools such as Trello. I can use virtual communication to increase a connection and learn new thing. Team Dynamics: I had learned to maintain the relationship in team and make a team performance better. Assignment 2: Personal Branding Portfolio Describe the development of your personal brand, the personal brand message you want to communicate professionally, and the steps you have taken to achieve the promotion of your brand. DISCUSS the evidence of your brand promotion and your professional online and offline image. Include the steps or actions you plan to take to continue maintaining and improving your personal brand during the next…show more content…
Before learning this class, I am an ordinary student who just studies, do homework and play the game and did not think about my future work much. I think about what I am good at, what I what to do and what I really what to be. I list my strength and weakness and adjust my brand. In addition, if I have a good brand on an online and offline platform, it will make me more professional in other people eyes. I have cleaned my posts, comment, and pictures that are not professional from my online account s and also clear the tagged post. Such as Facebook, LINE, Pinterest, etc. The websites that are shown on a search engine is the way that people can find me by searching my name should be a professional website. Besides, I create a new channel to promote my brand which is LinkedIn, an employment-oriented social network. For my offline platform, I create my resume for applying for a job with different version depends on the kind of a job and often update the information. Moreover, I volunteer to join an event of the university and the ICT faculty. I earn a valuable experience from these events, it gives me an opportunity to do the new thing, know other people and make me grow up also. After graduating, I plan to continuously improve my personal brand and maintain it with my intention and my

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