Pros And Cons Of Quality Engineering Education

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7. Academic Controversy - Academic Controversy is cooperative form of debate. Students are placed into groups, take opposing views, and then attempt to reach a consensus. 8. Team Assisted Individualization - Students are placed in groups and work on their own assignments and then help other group members with their assignments. Group members are rewarded for the success of the group. V. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Quality engineering education is important for social technological development of any nation. As traditional teaching styles practiced through conducting class room lectures/ tutorials will not suitable for all students (as they have their own individual learning styles), hence new ways of teaching such as use of PC based presentations,…show more content…
Following fig. 3 & 4 shows the planned quiz for concept testing in Digital Systems & Applications. Fig. 3 : Technical Quiz planned for concept testing Fig. 4: Technical Quiz planned for concept testing Also students learning can be evaluated through designing technical assignments which requires critical thinking. Technical assignments helps students in improving written communication skills. Effective written communication and critical writing skills areone of the important aspect in engineering education. Assignments helps students to better understand the concepts learnt in class, to improve their study methods and promote their critical thinking. Following fig. 5shows the sample assignment designed to promote critical thinking amongst the students. Fig. 5: Assignment problem to enhance critical thinking. Problem statement for this assignment was to develop the circuit diagram of the show circuit in fig.5. Assignment assessment criterion was also given to students for attaining expected outcomes. Following fig. 6 shows its assessment criterion. Fig. 6 : Assessment criterion for…show more content…
Students of this generation are very comfortable in use of ICT tools and easily perform various activities. With the help of ICT tools it is possible to keep the students engagement to the maximum level making them better learners. Table 1 represents analysis on use of ICT tools. The survey was done for one block of 35 students. The responses for following questions are given in Table 1 Q1. Did you find ICT tools are helpful in learning? Q2. Are you comfortable in making use of ICT tools? Q3. How much skill development is there due to use of ICT tools? Q4. Do you think ICT tools prevents you from copying each other's answer? Q5. Do you face challenges while using ICT tools? The analysis for the feed is as follows Table 1: Feedback analysis for usage of ICT tools Sr. No Question No Total no of students attempted Average % 01 Q1 35 100 02 Q2 35 93 03 Q3 .35 57 04 Q4 35 86 05 Q5 35 43 From details represented in table 1, it can be said that most of the students are comfortable in using ICT tools and it is helping in improving the skills of students. Challenges faced while using ICT is are the current speed of internet, laptops / personal machine available with

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