The Importance Of Travel To Taiwan

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In the 50s, travel considered as a luxury thing for most of the families in Taiwan. People hardly would go out of town and stayed in a hotel. Most of the time, during holidays we took a short trip by city bus to the urban area parks for the same day outing. The only private transportations were bicycles. When I was 15, I always dreamed I could take a trip outside Taipei where we lived. Being the top student at the school, I was rewarded by my parents for a real travel to go to the Sun Moon Lake in the summer of 1954. It was the top tourist attraction in Taiwan and about 250 miles from Taipei. My father asked Uncle Chen who was a fellow officer of my father to accompany…show more content…
It was a small one story hotel with only 7 small rooms on a Japanese style raised platform floor. Each room was for one person (about 8x8 ft.) with one paper sliding door at the front and no window. The floor was covered with Japanese style 1inch thick straw mat. Every two rooms shared a light bulb in an opening on top of the wall between two rooms. The room fitted for the sleeping overnight. A soft cotton mat was put on the floor and a small about 4x4ft square mat would be used to cover my body. In other words, my head, shoulder, lower legs, and feet were simply outside the cover. It felt very funny. The cotton cover was starched heavily hard like a piece of leftover toast but, everything was quite clean. There was a public bathroom in the kitchen. When taking a bath, one must added hot water to a wooden tub. I took a bath then fell to sleep quickly, and dreaming of flying on this hard square mat like a soft flying carpet in the moon light sky. It cost only NT$20 per room. Next morning we got up and had breakfast on the street shop. Then, hurried up to catch a bus headed directly to the

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