Essay On Vital Statistics

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The events of human life like births, deaths, foetal deaths, divorce, marriages, adoptions, legitimations, annulments and legal separations are vital events. The statistics derived from registration of these vital events is ‘vital statistics’. These are “the facts, systematically collected and compiled in numerical form, relating to or derived from records of vital events”. In a broader sense, vital statistics is the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of data on vital events. The aim of vital statistics is to provide the tools for studying population dynamics, i.e. the change in population composition with reference to sex, age, education, birth, marriage, deaths, economic status etc. Thus, systematic registration of vital events is important. A vital statistics system can be defined as including “the legal registration, statistical recording and reporting of the…show more content…
are required for maintenance of individual and family records to show change in marital status, address, name etc. iii. Vital statistics in administration It is important in all types of planning and evaluation of economic and social development as it is based on data. iv. In research: demographic and medical Vital statistics has important role in demographic analysis. The relationship between population, economic and social factors can be understood by use of vital statistics. Demographic research analysis is helpful in population estimation, projection and analytical studies. Medical research involving community public health programmes, drugs, pharmaceutics require vital statistical figures of birth, deaths, premature birth etc. which serve as guidepost to them. v. Use by Public Health Organizations At national and international level, vital statistics are required for proper planning, implementation, operation and evaluation of public health
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