Video Analysis: Jeopardy And Family Feud

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First we decided to do a game show instead of skit. The idea to do a game show was adopted almost spontaneously with no opposition. Also, we decided to make our presentation funny rather than serious. Our first problem occurred in the next stage, only a few ideas were generated sparsely. This was because of the absence of a clear method to generate ideas. It seemed that we persisted to much in making our presentation funny and did not mention concrete ways. We should have carried out a method such as brainstorming to generate many ideas. Then in the third stage, we began to evaluate ideas. There were two game shows mentioned, Jeopardy and Family Feud. Since few of our group members did not know about them they had to watch a video to understand…show more content…
Nonverbally established rules were two of us being on time and the other two being late or not showing up at all. In addition to, discussing ideas there was not much communication that went on, when we were not discussing ideas we were on our phones. The overall participation was not equal among everyone but, it improved as more communication happened. The climate was not completely open and trusting partly because one person had to initiate conversation or no one would talk. Also, supportive behaviors were there but they were not as strong as they could be due to the lack of communication. Therefore, the overall problem of the group was a lack of communication which, affected the openness and supportive behaviors of the group. Considering this, if more communication had happened everything from group cohesiveness, to supportive behaviors would have been better. With that in mind we can conclude that in future group projects a lot of communication needs to happen to have the best climate…show more content…
We were able to manage this conflict but it was not easy. As a group we were faced with a scheduling conflict that was extremely difficult to work around. Between group members feeling under the weather and others having extracurricular activities, we were faced with a big problem. Under those circumstances previously mentioned, as a group it was difficult to find a good time for all of us to meet together and work on our project. With the group experiencing the fear that we might not complete our assignment on time, we were able to rally together and find a good time in the morning for us to meet one final time to make sure we were all on the same

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