The Importance Of Social Exchange Theory In Education

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In this first section, I will be using three different aspects that will explain how to help a student by the name of Chris, who failed her exam. The first aspect I used was axiom#1, which explains everything you do is communication. For example, coming to class on time is showing the instructor that you want to learn. Asking question and or participating throughout class shows that students are engage in the topic to have a mutual understanding of what the instructor is discussing. This morning a student by the name of Chris came to see me about failing an exam. She wants to know what can be done and how she can improve her grades. I broke down one of her questions, by explaining and showing her examples so she could get better understanding…show more content…
Also I will explaining how this theory will apply to my interest of teaching. The most useful theory I was Social Exchange Theory, because it can be applied in various ways. Social Exchange Theory can be applied towards teaching to help students have a clear understanding on how being rewarded in a relationship or even friendship can go both ways. Self-interest is another assumptions that is basically acting off a rewards and costs associated with an exchange. Interdependence refers to the extent to which one person outcome depends on another person outcome. For example, socializing in class, relationships and friendships. Students are interacting with one another and taking classes on a larger campus you are able to communicate with people from all over the world. If you are in a relationship with a man who buys you everything, then your mind will be set on any man you get to know will do the same. Communicating and having a mutual understanding plays a big role in friendship. Another example, if I wanted my friend to cut my grass, but I didn’t have enough money, he would lower the price so he could make some money and the grass would still get cut. This theory is very helpful because without communication and understanding, how would people learn, observe and or act. Similar to how we make decisions about and engage in behaviors we expect to be rewarding. Also this is a good topic to discuss…show more content…
Also, this theory explains how we feel throughout relationships and as well as friendships. For example, what you bring into a relationship is what you get out of it. If you decide to be a part of a relationship, but expect your partner to hand you everything and you do nothing it won’t work out. Most people think that if this friendship don’t work out I can find somebody else who can fulfill those standards. Basically what you can’t get here you can get somewhere else. Social Exchange is used throughout societies as a series of behavioral choices and interactions that are based on reward and costs that are

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