Effective Communication In Health And Social Care Essay

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This assignment is going to be about role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. This essay will look at communication preferences, the importance of effective communication, and the types and contexts of communication. Effective communication is extremely important in health and social care, for example in a children’s care home. Effective communication helps individuals by allowing them to express their needs and worries. It would help with building relationships where the service user would be able to put their trust in you, express their thoughts and feelings and feel like they’re in a safe environment, allowing a deeper connection with the service user. In health and social care there are two types of communication which are formal and informal. Formal communication is a way of interacting with others to share information which has to follow specific rules and regulation processes and avoids using slang(Murcko T), this is important because social…show more content…
Sometimes this involves both formal and informal communication, for example if the care worker was to speak to a service user they had got to know well. One-to-one communication skills are needed for basic everyday interactions in health and social care settings such as a child’s care home. The service user needs to know that they can trust you and have confidential conversations with their care worker. Group communication is an interview or meeting with different groups of people which could include work groups, family groups or friendship groups(Resources Collins). Health and social care workers communicate in group situations when they participate in report or handover meetings where individuals’ needs are

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