Audiology Personal Statement

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The intense link concerning human health and the science discipline has always enthralled me, hence why pursuing a career which entails science would be a great opportunity. Some particular aspects of science elements are more fascinating than others. The brilliant invention of hearing aids has given people the ability to communicate efficiently by freely embracing their senses. Hearing technology has become extremely advanced due to the specialty of anatomy and physiology of the ears which is what interests me, hence why I sought a profound interest in the field of Audiology. My enthusiasm towards Audiology has been reinforced by my work experience within a health care environment which I conducted over a 7 week period in an optician. Having had the rewarding…show more content…
Biology has significantly provided me with further knowledge on human health, such as the diseases associated with particular organs as well as the significance of organs in the body, including ears. Moreover, whilst studying Biology, I was able to understand the intention of Cerumen inside the ears which is considered as a crucial defense against pathogens via the auditory system. Additionally, I am currently a candidate of the Manchester Access Programme associated with the University of Manchester. Being a part of this has also enabled me to expand on many skills which would assist with university as well as contribute to Audiology. In doing so, I have gained academic skills through doing my academic assignment which was based on a Stroke linked with implications of the brain. Researching in depth of a Stroke, allowed me to distinguish the strong connection between brain damage and hearing loss. Since the academic assignment was due within a certain time limit, I was also able to gain time management skills by ensuring it was handed on time, which will benefit my academic performance in

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