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ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY LONDON CBT Assessments Healthy Eating App Fatsecret FOUNDATION OF MIS AND CBT 3/19/2018 TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Information processing systems 1 Input process and output devices 2 CPU and Storage 3 Reflection 4 References 5 Introduction Fatsecret is a healthy eating app that records your daily activities, and your food intake and fluids. It also records your steps for the day to detect the number of calories you have burnt daily. It has a scanner that use to scan the food you buy and also keep track of food you are eating. The scanner can also use to check your glucose level. This App brings essential structures to help users better their eating in a healthy way to keep them…show more content…
They can be found in black and white prints on practically every product you purchase; every product has a unique code. When read, information about this product appears on the screen. In this case, the barcode reader built in the phone can be used to scan barcodes on the food packages has the user eats the food. This normal confirms if the food or supplement is good for the user and it also helps keep track on a healthy diet. (What is barcode reader (POS scanner, bar code reader, price scanner)? - Definition from WhatIs.com,…show more content…
Whilst researching I found out that the information I was looking for could not be found on the internet making it very frustrating but little did I know I was searching for the wrong information. Finding information about “information processing system” was very tough as the information found on the internet was not really clear and reading the IT book also did not help so I had to consult a few friends where one helped me get through to an IT specialist who explained it better which widened my understanding. Also getting an overall information about the app I used was challenging as the app’s specification was more on how it works or it helps with keeping users fit rather than the other information like the ”information processing system” used by the app and others. In overall, undertaking this task was challenging, an eye-opener and a continuous learning experience, there were a few ups and downs, the ups; being able to complete the task and the downs; struggling to find the right info but that’s what education is all about. I think my performance on this task is

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