Social Issues In Health Care

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The world is full of people who needs health care, unfortunately the health care has become an area of human life with a lot of inequality between people and social classes, many people around the world have fought for the equality in this ambit here we´re going to develop this topic. Health care is a necessity of human life, the term public and social health was created around the 16th century; there has always been a preference because of the cost of this service. Anyway in the last two centuries the growth of the marginal sector has caused a huge difference between health of first level and public health care. This problem deteriorates our society and mainly affects to the poorest sectors in our communities, which are the big majority…show more content…
that provide monetary and medical help to families that cannot afford the expenses and helps them with food also, another one very important is World Vision Mexico that counts with doctors and medical help totally free, like the Red Cross that is a medical service totally free for people that needs important and immediate attention. So many people around the world has fought for this cause like Marthin Luther King Jr. that fought for the equality of people and equal attentions for any kind of people in the ambit of health, another figure is Nelson Mandela that fought against the Apartheid and fought for a South Africa equal for black people and white people, another person is the Dr. Matilde Montoya in Mexico, first woman doctor who understand the inequalities in this faction of life and fought for give everyone a good attention no matter their social level. In conclusion, the social health care service has to be good and effective for anyone without counting their social level and we as a country have to put a special help with people with no money, the laboratories has to stop making the medicine more expensive and doctors needs to have a code to give the better attention and treatment with all kind of patients and without thinking about money but to cure
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