Professional Practice Issues In Social Care

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The purpose of this assignment is to identify some of the key professional practice issues within the case in Liffey View. The author will give a critical discussion of the professional practice issues within Liffey View. Reference to professional behaviour, codes of conducts and ethics will also be mentioned. Ethics within social is relating to the morals of doing right or wrong and preventing or removing harm form a service user (McLaren, Leathard, 2009). Social care workers have a duty of care to do no wrong to service users (Beauchamp and Childress, 1989) Codes of conduct within health and social care set out standards expected form a healthcare professional (Butler, 2002). The codes of conduct helps a healthcare provide safe care and…show more content…
Responsibilities of ethical decision making is some of the criteria that comes with being a social care worker (Atwal and Jones, 2009). Bulmer (1992) maintains that Ethical decision making is often a daily occurrence that can lead to much conflict within the health and social care…show more content…
Within Liffey View, Cultural Competencies may not have been considered by the student, as Liffey View is an addiction house it is essential that service users cultural is taken into consideration. All service user within an health and social care sector have the right to express themselves in a unique manor that is individual to them (Cross, 1989). Understanding Cultural competencies can help improve a practice and enhance awareness with workers in the health and social care setting (Drechslin, Gilbert, Malone, 2012). The aim of cultural competence is to create a high standard of care regardless of a service user race gender or background (Drechslin, Gilbert, Malone, 2012). Social care workers need to be aware of the importance of cultural competence to be able to provide the best care to a service user (Tseng and Streltzer, 2018). Cultural competence can be a work in progress and can be gained through experience (Tseng and Strelzer,

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