The Importance Of Transport In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an international city with well-planned transportation system. People can access everywhere in Hong Kong by different types of transport. Tramway, with a lovely name called “Ding Ding”, which is describing its bell sound ran through Hong Kong over 100 years. Recently, a consultancy firm called Intellects Consultancy Limited suggested the removal of the trams from the streets of Central is needed. However, an ingrained image was built for this iconic transport because of its popularity, convenience, environmental friendly and its valuable history. Therefore, the government should keep the tramway in Hong Kong. Firstly, the popularity of tramway is clearly shown to the city. Tramway is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong. Not only the citizens ride through Hong Kong Island by tramway, it is also a famous scenery spots. In a famous traveling website…show more content…
Hung (2015), the associate professor of civil and structural engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2015), cited the previous research that show trams only take up less than 6 percent of the roads, at the meanwhile, buses occupy 10 to 12 percent and private cars take up 70 percent. This shows that the suggestion made by the consultant is groundless. The main reason of the congestion is the private vehicles in the central business district as well as the rising number of public buses that enter the area. Moreover, the private cars and vans illegally parked aside the road. According to Transport Department (2015) claimed that 194,000 passengers take trams everyday. If the tramway is banned, 150,000 people would be affected. The most suitable solution is the law enforcement for those illegal activities. Therefore, even banned the tramway, the traffic congestion problem will still remains without a change, even with more

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