Ethical Issues In Health And Social Care Essay

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Ethical Aspect of a Healthcare Managerial Practice The healthcare industry is faced with lots of ethical issues, too numerous to mention. The issue of refusing care because of cost is one of such issues. It is a well known issue that some hospitals let chronically ill patients leave against medical advice (AMA) without getting the needed treatment because of the cost of care. The dilemma is whether to go ahead with the treatment and hope the patient will eventually pay for services rendered, or let the wish of the patient be done. Healthcare administrators continually find themselves in a tight situation where they are called upon to make an ethical decision for the well being of their patients. The first part of the paper will explore the ethical issues surrounding the access to healthcare, for chronically ill and uninsured person. The second part of the paper will discuss the hospital’s ethical obligation to the uninsured. The third part of the paper will focus on the duty of the physician to an uninsured person. Finally, the discussion will end with the role…show more content…
In the case of Madisyn Whitfield, a twenty-five year old, suffering from Chrohn’s disease, access to on-going treatment is not an option for her, because she is uninsured and cannot pay the care cost out of pocket ( para1). Even though, the ACHE code of ethics recommends that healthcare executives “work to support access to healthcare services for ALL people”, but it is not all in white and black. Denying a person healthcare based on his or her ability to pay is unjust, because, without good health people cannot thrive. Madisyn has a disease that can be managed if she has access to healthcare, not only will acute medical care have a significant impact on the quality of Madisyn’s life, it will also benefit the

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