Importance Of Sales Management

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Answer Q 1: ‘‘The skills required of sales managers are vitally important to the success of the firm’s selling effort; however, there has not been a recent review that identifies these needed skills. This research develops taxonomy of key sales management skills. The perceived importance of these skills is reported based on the level of management, gender and the performance level of the firm. In addition to identifying the relative importance of the various sales management skills, they were found to group into three conceptual dimensions relating to interpersonal, technical and strategic skills. They are also indicate that significant differences in the perceived level of skill importance exist based on level of management, years managing…show more content…
Some one of the other member a team Sarah Vega, who did not pay full attention to their work and often busy with cell phone. They also come in late in the work day, but Richardson did not do anything for her this kind of behavior. Director of sales, are not exposed to many of the administrative issues due to lack of experience in management, securities, and operations to be covered in the training session classes director of the lack of a plan to train the team. Has stressed the legal issues relating to human resources over and over again, but Richardson had great confidence in their understanding of the risks and needs has been a focus on the relationship between the team. One of the other reasons for her poor performance .Manger sales is that the Regional director has not given her information about the duties and responsibilities of her new job, because of all the issues this indicates poor performance as director of sales”.…show more content…
It's one thing to do the work when the team paid to do a job; it's another thing must be an element of worker you do. If he was doing it accurately will get a satisfactory outcome, you could find that over time it will facilitate already this task. However, if the agent is connected with what it does it will be difficult for him - if he should feel motivated to continue because it will be his biggest challenge to himself References Powers, T, Jennings, J, & DE Carlo, T 2014, 'An assessment of needed sales management skills', Journal Of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 34, 3, pp. 206-222, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 30 October 2016. Mote, G 2010, 'A roadmap for working with multi-cultural teams', Corridor Business Journal, 7, 13, p. 16, Regional Business News, EBSCOhost, viewed 30 October

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