Should Students Be Allowed Out During Class

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Could letting students have their phones out during class for educational purposes help students stay more focused? Well, some people think that it will work and others think it won’t work because, if students have their phones out during class, the students aren’t going to use them for educational purposes, but the people that do think that it will work probably think it will work with the proper supervision that the students would be under. Although students’ cell phones aren’t allowed to be out during class currently, students should be able to have their cell phones out during class because they can be really useful for presentations, notes, school work, etc.. but cell phones can be really useful. Even though cell phones can be really distracting during school they can be really helpful and can keep a student’s grade at a passing level. It will take time to adjust if teachers allow students to use their phones for class work, but I doubt that it will take a long time for it to be adjusted to considering the fact that a lot of students are on their phones all the time when they get out of school. So it will take the students not that long to get used to but for teachers it might take a little bit. One…show more content…
This allows students to use the voice recorder on their phone to save a lot of time in class. It stands to reason that if students can record a lesson on their phones they can during class they can take notes easier, do presentations out of class with the information you need on your phone, and do other class projects outside of class and/or school. So this makes having students use their cell phones during class very useful for information so they can do their work outside of school if needed, because some students might fall behind with the lack of information from teachers when they are

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