The Importance Of Core Values

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A value is a conviction that guides any individual or organization (International Christian Centre Pastoral Team, 2010). It is a motivating force for people to always attribute such meaning, worth, and importance to things. Realizations acquired by a person, as being matched, give a feeling of completeness and satisfaction. Clarifying and expressing one’s life in alignment with these core values is a primary step in knowing how to be happy. When one is not living in line with these values, it is important to address and discover these. Many aspects can develop one on obtaining these necessities to learn (Inspired Personal Development, 2008-2015). Core values emanate from the center of who we are and what is most important to us as a human…show more content…
According toAyn Rand, the achievement of one’s core values leads to state of consciousness of happiness. It is also fundamental to enjoying high self-esteem, self-confidence and self-empowerment. People tend to be productive if they are confident in what they do. Knowing what values are integrated in each of us gives us a greater sense of purpose in this world. Having many individuals with their developed core values lead to a group of power. With a sense of contrast, the world relies on every individual, just like a company having its employees. As said by Jerry Osteryoung (2014), these core values are at the heart of every successful organization. These lead to a strong corporate culture with staffs guided with principles. Such businesses with strong core values were coppered to well-oiled machines; making the employees acquires the synchronization of work with each other. How are core values developed? According to Collins (2009), you cannot institute new core values to people. It is not a commodity that people concede. People usually with the most understanding of an organization’s core values, attains the paramount level of reliability and competence with the people within the organization. It is also said that if one’s core values is grasped effectively, it inheres in the long run. Core values are naturally clasped and must be ingrained into the minds of people whilst distinguishing and understanding…show more content…
Confidence is defined as "knowing what you're good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys you to others" (Ravenscraft, 2013). He differentiated confidence with arrogance, which is being overly confident, and low self esteem which involves thinking that you are a subordinate of others. He noted self-confidence as important both romantically and career wise. Walton (2011) also expressed the same definition of self-confidence as being an important part of both personal and professional success. According to Al-Salameh (2011), self-confidence has much to do with personality development, and psychological stability. It is also associated with well-being, happiness; whereas low levels of self-confidence increase the probability that one will be at risk from anxiety, tension, and depression. It is essential for healthy balanced growth and development of a human being. (Majidi, F.,

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