Gaming Industry Case Study

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To what extent has the video gaming market changed our job opportunities? Background Information On November 29th, 1972, “Pong”, a video game created by Atari, reached mainstream success and sparked a worldwide phenomenon. It served as a new form of entertainment and helped establish the video game industry. Noticing the success of “Pong”, other companies such as Nintendo and Sega strived to replicate what Atari had accomplished. This led to what is known as the “Golden age of gaming” in which the popularity of arcade games had surpassed most entertainment industries. Furthermore, with the release of “Space invaders”, “Asteroids”, “Pac-man”, “Donkey Kong” and more, the gaming market strived and revenue skyrocketed to around 3.2 Billion in…show more content…
But because of the price of consoles and the vast array of them, companies struggled to sell consoles and cartridges for games and therefore attempted to recover by mass creating games for their consoles, forcing game developers to create sloppy games, one example being “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” which has been dubbed the worst game ever made. This bombardment of poorly designed games caused an uproar in the gaming community and has shaken investors to stop investment in the gaming industry. This led the gaming industries net worth drop from 3.2 Billion to approximately 100 million in only 2 years, this forced many game companies to drop out of the gaming market, preventing game development as a whole. It was not until Nintendo introduced their “Seal of quality” (which promised gamers quality over quantity) did the gaming market start to…show more content…
It is estimated that “Pewdiepie”, the largest channel on youtube has an earning of over 4 Million dollars USD every year and has earned an estimate of 30 Million since 2010, and despite all the hate he receives for playing games to earn a living, he is still an extremely humble person and has donated over 2 million dollars to charity over the

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