Smartphone Addiction Among Teenagers

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Adolescents and Smartphones Tens of millions of smartphones are in the hands of the youth in America and most of them are addicted to them and there are apparent problems as a result. The technological boom that has happened in the last thirty years has produced amazing technology, when used properly can be highly effective and resourceful. However, millennials have grown up in a tech-savvy age where great devices are being taken advantage of and used for unimportant things. Smartphones and internet have become highly addicting for a large majority of those who own them as teenagers. Many teens would rather sit at home on their smartphone than go out and have human interaction, which is not healthy for a developing individual. Another con…show more content…
Sapacz, G. Rockman, and J. Clark investigate smartphone addiction as well and explain why they’re so addicting. It has been decided that smartphones are indeed addictive because of the behaviors of those that own them show when they use them constantly. Smartphones have become so addicting because they have so many new features in this age. Many people can find an escape into their own world when on their smartphone where they are never bored and do not have to go through the struggle of meeting new people in person. This is a problem for people with social anxiety especially because it not only digs them a deeper hole since they are constantly avoiding face-to-face interaction, but they can also use their phone as a way of looking preoccupied when faced with a social interaction with someone. Those with social anxiety find that they cannot be scrutinized over their smartphones when on social media or other applications/games that offer virtual communication. People also become much more irritable when on their handheld devices when waiting for a response to a text they sent or when their phone does not work as fast or properly as it usually does. Another addictive quality of smartphones is that teenagers are never not connected with their friends. With a smartphone two friends never have to be apart from each other and gives them feelings that they are never alone. The smartphone gives them the opportunity to always be connected and without this they become bored easily and upset. These cases are found most in adolescents because they always feel a need to connect with friends and texting them rather than going out and spending time together. Therefore, smartphones are very addicting and between the two studies it is shown

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