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Open lunch policy allows students to take their minds off school work for at least 30 minutes. As stated in a blog on Connect Us, “Open campus lunch allows students to leave the school campus on a break to have lunch outside” (Connect US, 2015). Most students who work on their school work hours in a day, work, attend athletic practice, and, aside from all this, have family events to attend or enjoy having some free time. Not everyone works hard for their future, but those who do should be rewarded with an open lunch policy. If students have good academic standing and if parents allow their child to leave campus, they should be allowed. The problem with not having open lunch policy is that many students do not enjoy their lunch like if they were to be allowed to leave campus. As the years have gone by, more schools are removing open lunch policy because of the dangers that are in the outside world. The school’s duty is to protect each and every student who attends their campus. Open lunch policy allows students to leave school the campus and enjoy lunch wherever they desire. Students can choose to stay on campus and eat or…show more content…
Every students looks forward to lunch because they get to to eat and talk about their day with their friends. Parents want their children to push themselves harder in school, and if this was a benefit they could have for good grades in order to have permission to leave campus. I think most High Schools should have open lunch policy and give consequences for those students who refuse to return to school whenever their lunch shift is over. Such consequences can be detention or simply not being able to leave during lunch for a month. Open lunch policy can help students manage their time and make them more responsible. They become more responsible by managing their own time which helps them out for college and employment in the

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