Cinema As A Tool Of Propaganda Essay

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RESEARCH QUESTION: How significant was the role of cinema as a tool of propaganda used by the Nazi’s? Cinema as a Tool of Propaganda in Nazi Germany Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933. It was then that the Nazi Party began their reign on Germany aiming to eliminate all political opposition and gain full power of the country. The use of propaganda became vital to Hitler during this time as the Nazi’s used it to form the international image of their party as well as to gain support from the people of Germany. Propaganda during this time was taken to a “new and frequently perverse level” within Nazi Germany. Both Goebbels and Hitler began exploring cinema which then became a significant tool of propaganda to the…show more content…
This indicates that Hitler did not believe the sole purpose of cinema was as a tool of propaganda but also for entertainment too. Cinema may simply have been used for Hitler’s personal viewing for himself and guests rather than the main purpose being to influence the people of Germany. In agreement with this it is also stated that “it is important to note that while we usually think of filmmaking as primarily an exercise in propaganderizing, in fact it was primarily focused on the creation of entertainment (Source F). It is also mentioned that the purpose of these films were in fact to distract and relieve the public from “increasingly bad war news and the amount of enemy bombing” (Source F). Though this does refer to cinema as a tool of propaganda, it is made clear that this is not its main purpose but rather to entertain its viewers by providing escapism from the daily harsh realities of war. However Source B does leave some allowance for interpretation as just because Hitler enjoys films as “after-dinner entertainment” it does not necessarily imply that he did not also see the value of cinema as a vital tool for

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