Why Is The Great Gatsby So Great

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Why The Great Gatsby Is Not So Great In the book The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, why does the main character, Jay Gatz, claim the title of being great? The Great Gatsby is set in the early 1920’s in New York City in two areas known as East Egg and West Egg. Jay Gatz, widely recognized by the name Gatsby, lives in West Egg in a mansion where he hosts parties hoping that one day his true love, Daisy Buchanan would attend. However, gatsby becomes untrustworthy as he lies to his party guests and describes his inaccurate past to multiple characters in the story. So, is James Gatz worthy of the name “The Great Gatsby” even though his actions and his background determines him as not so great? Gatsby has a vast amount of wealth but…show more content…
In chapter 7, Gatsby, Daisy, the Buchanans, and Nick end up at the Plaza Hotel on their drive to New york when everything starts to come to a stumbling halt (Fitzgerald 117). As Daisy and Gatsby were talking, Tom does not help but notice a glance between the two. He then figures out that Gatsby and Daisy are having an affair. While Tom understands the potential loss of his wife, Gatsby says, “Your wife doesn't love you, she never loved you, she loves me.”(Fitzgerald 130).He then states that the only reason why Daisy ever married Tom was because he was too poor and that she was tired of waiting for him. Gatsby has destroyed the relationship of Tom and Daisy with not only his words, but also his persistence in continuing the argument between the three of them. He continues on saying that the affair has gone on for 5 years. Gatsby then walks over beside Daisy and says “It doesn't matter anymore. Just tell him the truth that you never loved him, and it's all over forever.”(Fitzgerald 132). In this situation, Gatsby was forceful in the way that he wanted Tom to know that Daisy would leave him. Jay insists to Tom that Daisy is leaving him but he does not want to believe it. However, Daisy later confirms that she is in fact leaving Tom for
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